Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Season of Wind COVER REVEAL

I've already done a reveal on twitter and facebook, but I'm throwing in a blog post as well. I finally have the cover for SEASON OF WIND. And, as a bonus, a redesigned Hour of Mischief cover.

You all know my deep and abiding love for my first Hour of Mischief cover, but, of course, to give the series aesthetic some continuity, it makes sense to do the redesign. But that means that the original print of Hour of Mischief is going to become RARE so if you want an original cover version in print, hurry on over to Amazon to grab one ;)

And of course, don't forget, Season of Wind comes out on September 19th so it's a good time to refresh your memory on Hour of Mischief. If you read either, drop a review on goodreads or amazon. It always helps!

Here's the summary for Season of Wind- 

After her stint saving humanity with the God of Mischief, Janet Redstone now has a host of other problems on her mind, namely saving her friend Sylvia while avoiding the fast approaching godly war. Now travelling the desert realm of Kabila with her two surviving teammates, she just wants to kill as many wendigos as possible to get Sylvia's soul back.

But then strange things start happening. Janet begins healing faster than normal. She dreams of Itazura imprisoned in a dark room, even though he's a god and that's impossible. Oh, and when she touches locks, they just open. That's a midlly concerning development.

Turns out Itazura really is in danger. Captive of the Elder Gods, he's sent the majority of his powers to Janet for safe keeping. Said powers exhaust her every time she uses them and make her a target for all sorts of new enemies if she doesn't get rid of them soon. Now she must team up with a god she loves, a god she hates and a god she fears to save him, and avoid getting smote by the Elder Gods in the process.

Well, that's enough plugging from me. I'm excited about Season of Wind and the rest of the series to follow and hope you will be too!

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