Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Season of Wind RELEASE DAY

Hey, what's up guys?

So today is pretty exciting. It's the release day of SEASON OF WIND the long awaited sequel to Hour of Mischief. Well...long awaited by some. You all know who you are.

Whatever the case, the kindle edition is availible for purchase on Amazon. Print editions should be available soon. Just go to this link here

If you haven't read HOUR OF MISCHIEF yet, pop over here to order a copy of that. There are a limited ammount of versions with the original cover yet. The new cover editions will be availible soon.

As always, remember that reviews GREATLY help authors to get the word out, so if you have a goodreads or an amazon account, drop me a rating. An honest rating of course ;)

Hope you guys enjoy the book!

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