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Game of Thrones- Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story?

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Okay, now to todays post! The question of Game of Thrones has always been ‘who is going to die’? As a show that built itself a reputation for murdering beloved characters, with each passing season fans have prayed for the survival of their favorites. But with the last season nearing the question becomes: Who will live?

It’s an exciting question, right? Whoever survives this season gets to live indefinitely in our hearts. We never have to watch their death scene. That’s the stuff dreams are made of. I certainly have favorites that I want to make it through, but I want to take a step back and think about this as a story teller. Putting my personal feelings aside, who do I think will make it through this season based on the needs of the plot? I have a few ideas.

1. There must be at least one survivor from each of the original houses

The original logo of Game of Thrones sported a wolf, a lion, a stag and a dragon, each symbolizing the houses of Stark, Lannister, Baratheon and Targaryan. These were our initial players. Obviously, there are other major families who have come and gone, but these four started it all.

With the arrival of Gendry, the one surviving member of the Baratheon family (literally the only one, the others have been out for a while), this old theory of mine becomes possible again. Many of the members of these houses are dead and gone. Certainly all of the original leaders are in the ground. But at least one member of each will survive to tell the story--and hopefully rebuild their family.

On the Baratheon side of things, there’s really only one option: Gendry. He didn’t come back from rowing just to get axed in the finale. I think this bastard son is going to make it through with his war hammer in hand. He’s been through a lot but he’s good at heart: brash like Robert but not a drunk or a war lord.

On the Targaryan side of things, it seems deceptively simple. Danerys has been the last Targaryan for a while. UNTIL of course, Jon Snow’s true parentage was revealed. Now there’s another Targaryan on the scene, which means Dany may not be safe. The more I watch the show, in fact, the more convinced I am that she is going to die. It has always been a little too obvious that she would be the one to sit on the iron throne. She’s been planning it since the beginning whereas Jon is a dark horse in the running. 

Jon could die. It’s in character for him to make reckless decisions and perish as a hero. But we’ve already had a death scare with him, so killing him at the end would lack punch (unless of course it happened in conjunction with Daenerys). There is a possibility they’ll both survive, but since George R.R. Martin has talked of a “bitter sweet” ending, I doubt it. If they do both die, you can bet that their child is going to survive. I don’t think there’s any question that Dany is going to get pregnant. The show has been a bit heavy handed with it’s foreshadowing in that department. But, whether that child will grow up parentless remains to be seen.

The Lannisters and the Starks have, oddly, the most surviving members, both standing at three. Let’s look at the Lannisters first. I don’t think there’s any question that Cersei is going to bite it by the end of this series. She will never bend the knee and with her children gone, she has no more love to give anyone. I don’t think she’s really loved Jaime for a while. She manipulates him and uses him, but she doesn’t seem to bare much true affection for her brother anymore, hence why he has finally left her. Loveless and cold, she will bend for no one and that will be her downfall.

As certain as I am that Cersei will die, I am equally certain that Tyrion will live. Tyrion is the underdog of his family and has also been close to death more than once. But, other than his sister, no one is out to get him anymore, and he’s established himself as important to many characters. Considering his arc, I can’t think of a satisfying way that the writers could kill off Tyrion. No. He is the dwarf who was underestimated all his life so he must be the one to survive.

And then we have Jaime, smack dab in the middle. Oh Jaime. He’s one of the only characters in the mix that I’m 50/50 on his chance of dying. On one hand he’s finally left his sister and his arc is headed in a positive direction. But will that result in ultimate redemption or a heroic death? Again, I can see either. If he’s going to die, I’d like it to be in the arms of Brienne as a small confirmation of my ship of all ships. But I’ll talk more about that in a later post. At the very least, Jaime will make it to the very last episodes, and if he does go, it will be fighting for the right side.

And then there’s my favorite family: the Starks. After losing so many Starks I am head over heels for all of the survivors. I want them to be safe and grow up strong. But I don’t think they’re all going to survive.

Bran is probably the Stark most likely to die at this point. The series started with him being crippled and now, according to the writers, he’s sort of dead inside. At least, he has moved beyond Bran Stark. But, simply put, he is too powerful to be left alive. He will likely play a huge role against the Night King, but in the end he will sacrifice himself. The show will come full circle.

Sansa is the Stark most likely to survive. If a character has been through enough, killing them is just excessive and not productive for their arc. And Sansa has been through a lot. She has grown from a na├»ve girl into a strong woman and I have no doubt that she will be one of the prominent rulers in Westeros at the end. Likely, the Queen in the North. She’s earned it.

Arya is another one of my 50/50 characters. As a fighter, she’s going to want to be in the thick of battle. That puts her in the line of crossfire. And though I dearly love her, there is a chance she could be killed, possibly protecting someone she loves. I think after reconciling with her sister, Arya is 100% on the side of her family. They are where she finds her identity and her name. She can’t deal with losing them again and would sooner die first than watch them go. But, on the other hand, she is a survivor and she could live on past the war and find her place in the world as a strong woman who no longer has to fight for her right to hold a sword. I am intrigued by both possibilities.

Those are the major families, but what about the other side characters? I’ll give you a quick rundown of their possible fates.

Theon- 50/50. He has been through enough at this point that killing him, again, seems excessive. However, he may die heroically, saving his sister, finally surrendering his cowardice.

Yara- 50/50. They’ve kept her alive for the last season for a purpose. Possibly just for Theon’s redemption arc, but who knows. If she dies, it will be fighting but I can see her living on. And wouldn’t it be great if a Lesbian actually lived in this show? That’d be rad.

Euron- He’s gonna die. Absolutely gonna die. No way he won’t die, hopefully at the hands of Yara or Theon.

Brienne of Tarth- 50/50. The other half of my ship is a warrior who will fight to the bitter end, but she does have a Valyrian steel sword. She’s gonna make waves and I do think, if Jaime dies, she will outlive him. Likely one or the other of them is going to die. Because happy endings never happen. Not that I’d complain if they did.

Davos Seaworth- Davos is going to live. It wouldn’t feel right to kill him. He’s one of the old characters who lives to a ripe old age and surprises us all. He will survive to adopt all the lost children of Westeros.

The Hound- If he goes, the Mountain is going first. I think he might live. He’s already had a death scare.

Tormund- Probs gonna die. They keep faking us out with his death, but since he doesn’t make much of a difference in the story anymore, the writers can let him go whenever they want to make us tear up.

Jorah- It’s amazing to me that he’s lived this long. I put my money on death. He will die fighting for Dany and have no regrets.

Lyanna Mormont- My girl is gonna live and be awesome. No question

Bronn- Another character who is...somehow still here? He’s either going to die in battle or get his castle.

Berric- Doesn’t have much of a point anymore and he’s on his last life with Thoros dead so...yeah, his days are numbered.

Melisandre- She has to die in this strange country and she will before the end.

Varys- Considering Melisandre’s foreboding line, Varys will likely die before the end. But he outlived Littlefinger, so he won that game.

Greyworm- Much as I love him, I doubt that D&D will let him live. He’s a loyal soldier and commander and we know what happens to loyal people in this show.

Missandei- She will live, even if Dany dies, and remain in an advisor role. She seems too smart to get herself killed and if she has to live with Greyworm’s death that would be more tragic.

The dragons- Obviously one dragon has already gone down, and I think Drogon will join Viseron before the end, just like his namesake. I think Raegal might be the dragon to make it through if any do.

And then, last but not least, Samwell Tarly. If I were to name a character for ‘Most likely to survive Game of Thrones’ it would be this boy. He’s the one you never expect to get this far but he has. And he is the reason for the name of this post. There’s the question of who lives or dies, but Samwell Tarly will be the one who tells the Song of Ice and Fire, which will be told for generations to come.

Those are my predictions. We’ll see if they’re right or wrong. Let me know what you think in the comments! I’ll be posting more detailed prediction posts in the coming weeks about the various families so stay tuned.

Happy Game of Thrones drought everyone and see you soon.

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