Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday Soundtracks: Skillet Part 2

Its time for part 2 of looking at Skillet on Sunday Soundtracks!

Last week I talked a lot about how I love Skillet for their passion and emotion, but I have another reason for liking them so much. Being a Christian, I always appreciate a good Christian band that takes an interesting approach to my religion. In the case of Skillet, I love how they examine the anguish of a relationship with God. Its not all butterflies and rainbows like many a song on Christian radio stations would lead you believe. Because having faith doesn't take pain away, its a daily struggle.

Skillet acknowledges that full on. It acknowledges how much it sucks to be human and how hard it can be to believe sometimes. I like how they grapple with such concepts in their lyrics because its a hundred times more relatable. And the wording also allows their songs to be seen in a non-christian light, which means everyone can enjoy it. Its inclusive but its also brutally honest. A good combination.

So this week, we're talking about my favorite skillet album and my favorites. The most recent Skillet Album to come out is Rise so I've had it for less than a year. But I adore this album.

Isn't that cover awesome? Well the album is too, taking a lot of my favorite elements of Skillet and upping the epic. Many of the songs overlap into the next so the album really flows in addition to the music. So lets take a look at my favorite songs from this album (Though they are all awesome so listen to the whole thing):

1. Rise- The first track on the album and a great way to start things out. Its a call to revolution, a lot like some of the songs from their previous albums like 'Awake and Alive'. But this song has a really powerful use of base that really drums up your heart beat. Excellent for writing fight scenes and it especially fits a dystopian environment. In fact, much of this album does so if you write dystopia, these songs should be on your writing playlist.

2. Not Gonna Die- This might one of my favorite songs from skillet period. But you have to listen to it correctly. The song actually starts on the previous track with an intro that is one of my favorite pieces of orchestration and vocals ever done by a rock band. It utilizes the singing of a child and a really awesome choir to make it a serving of epic. And remember how I was talking about how Skillet loves to show the struggle of religion rather than the happiness? This song personifies this, combining hope and despair to deliver a really awesome song. A personal favorite of mine and great for any fight scenes or revolutions.

3. American Noise- Time for a happier and more inspirational song. This song goes much more on the inspirational side of the spectrum and it has a great feel to it. One of those songs I want to hum cheerfully while skipping through a field. Since any journey is likely to have its lighter moments, this is a good song for that. It also works for contemporary better than other songs on this album so if you're writing a good old story about life, give this one a listen.

4. Madness in Me- Time for a TORTURED SOUL SONG! We all know Skillet is fond of these and I am quite fond of their song 'Monster'. This song is in the same vein as that, as the person singing is at war with themselves. This song has a much more brutal sound to it than 'Monster'. Its a lot less polished and a lot more desperate. Definitely good music for any character constantly fighting with themselves over what's right and what's necessary.

5. Salvation- This is a good old Skillet love song and it uses their female vocalist a lot (which I appreciate because I love her voice). Its another song that is meant to be about a relationship with God but it works for any other desperate relationship. Its desperate but also softer in parts so the song has very nice levels. The main reason I love this song is for the female vocalist. This album uses a lot of her. Woo hoo!

6. Fire and Fury- This song has a nice build to it and is also a love song featuring both the female and male vocalist. It seems to personify a relationship in which the people in it will do anything for each other. Writing about star crossed love? This would be a good song for that. Because, of course, it has a desperate feel to it. (I sure do love me some desperate love). Check it out if this sounds like the kind of relationship you're writing and add it to your play list.

These are just my favorites, but seriously, listen to the whole album. Its all wonderful. One of my favorite albums I own. It works best for dystopian or action fantasy. Anything that involves big wars and revolutions. But it has a few songs for contemporary pieces and romances as well. Give it a listen and see what works for you.

Happy Sunday everyone and good luck with your week!

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