Friday, January 30, 2015

Reader Weakness: Special Powers

Happy Friday! Today I'd thought we'd look at another reader weakness of mine.

Reader weaknesses are things that make me pick up a book or keep reading no matter what. And big weakness of mine is special powers. A group of people that have cool supernatural powers will always get me jazzed up.

That said, I’m not talking superhero books. No, I like my super powers gritty and with complicated politics and battles and relationships. I don’t want one or two people with cool abilities. I want a group that plays off of each other. More X-men than Batman. I also love Avatar the Last Airbender and Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson.

I probably get a lot of this love for anime. One of my favorite animes, Darker than Black, has a lot of people with cool powers that our stigmatized because of it. These are really interesting talents different from the typical brand of special abilities and I'll probably do a Lessons from Anime post on it in the future. I like stories that can put a spin on super powers. And I especially like special abilities that have a cost or aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Its not a surprise that a lot of my own books deal with stuff like that.

Basically, if you have any good examples of books or TV shows where the characters have cool abilities, send them at me. I want ALL of them. And I have plenty of recommendations for you as well!


  1. I never thought of the aspect of reader weakness. But I guess we all have them. I have a few myself.My biggest is books that are about things I would never do or set in places I have never. And books with interesting covers (Yes, I select books by their covers). My reader kryptonite is vampires. I read a lot of YA Fantasy these days because I am writing one, but before I download a book, I make certain it has no vampires in it!

    Would your weakness extend to dogs with superpowers of the kind you describe above?

    1. I hadn't thought of dogs with super powers. That is certainly an idea. I'd read it out of curiosity. I hadn't thought about my 'reader kryptonites'. I should probably do a blog post on those as well. Thank you for your comment!