Friday, January 16, 2015

Reader Weaknesses: Symbolism!

Today, I'm introducing a new kind of post, as I tend to do a lot. Let's talk about reader weaknesses. The things that I, as a reader, go crazy for. I have a lot of them, but let's feature one at a time. Today's topic? Symbolism!

You know those obnoxious people who want to find meaning in every little detail. The ‘why are the curtains blue’ kind of people. Well… I may or may not be guilty of that. I am one of those readers who is just a die hard for symbolism. If a book doesn’t have symbolism, I will find it. And if it does, it makes me oh so happy.
There are lots of kinds of symbolism that tickle my fancy. I love color symbolism for instance. Being artistically minded, the color of a setting or house or piece of clothing means the world to me. I also love religious symbolism, especially the subtle kind. I’ll be the first to admit that my religion, Christianity isn’t very… subtle when it comes to music and movies. But when I find a book or film or show that has just a slight hint of Christian imagery without throwing it in my face, it makes me jump for joy.

That, I think, is the fine line symbolism walks. It gets annoying if its thrown at you or too obvious. Part of the fun of symbolism hunts is that it blends in well with a good story. Think of them as little treasures that make the journey more rewarding. I know not everyone is into symbolism, but it’s a reader weakness of mine. And if I like a book, you can be sure I’m writing up an analysis paper in my head.

English major problems…

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