Friday, February 27, 2015

Reader Weaknesses: Villains

You know what really makes a story for me? An awesome villain. Which I guess isn’t necessarily a weakness. I mean, lots of people like awesome villains. And if you think about it, we love stories because of their conflicts. Villains often time drive the conflict.

But conflict doesn’t necessarily need a villain. There are lots of different conflicts like man vs. nature, man vs. himself and man vs. society that don’t have an obvious villain. And those plots are great.

But gosh darn it, man vs. man is just so much fun. And the smarter and more threatening the villain, the more nail biting the plot. I love me a good Sherlock vs Moriarity story.

Yes. Yes I did.
 I love me some Disney villains. 

I love me a diabolical super villain.

And sometimes, let’s face it, we don’t watch a movie or show for the hero. Most of the joy of Batman was the baddies that surrounded him. I mean, Batman is okay sure. But the Joker? Harley Quinn? Scarecrow? Poison Ivy? Cat woman? Riddler? The Penguin? Two Face? I could go on for pages about all the amazing villains with their complex motivations and various levels of evil. THAT’S why people keep coming back to Batman. Because there’s always new baddies to pit him against.

I’m also a sucker for a villain who turns out to be not so evil. Your Snapes and Darth Vaders I guess you could say. I could probably do a post on all the different kinds of villains. In fact eventually I will. But know that if a book or movie or show comes sporting an awesome villain, I’ll be there and loving every minute of it.

Except for this little bastard.

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