Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Hey there fellow writers and readers. Been awhile hasn't it?

Alright yeah...been a long while. To be honest ever since I started my semester in New York I've been completely off the wagon. Or maybe my lackadaisical blog updating started with Junior year? Whatever the case, its been quite the year, hasn't it? A little over a year ago, Hour of Mischief was officially published. My debut novel! Pretty crazy huh?

But more crazy than that was what I did on the anniversary: finally signed my three book contracts for the rest of the series with Curiosity Quills Press. That's right. The rest of the Clockwork Gods series is officially HAPPENING!

Book two is entited SEASON OF WIND and follows Janet and her crew on their continued quest to rescue their friend Sylvia--at least until Itazura gets himself into trouble and Janet is thrown back into godly politics. Its a book that takes the characters to new parts of the world, show cases more characters, divine and mortal alike, and of course has the same vaguely sarcastic sense of humor than infects all of my books.

I can't give a summary for the other two books of course. That might give a few spoilers. But I'm super excited to work on the series with my publisher and get them into print.

And as I do all that, I am going endeavor to regularly update my blog again (twice weekly, hopefully). Starting with completing the heroes series which has taken me a literal eternity to get through. Then I plan to start a series on what I learned from interning at two literary agencies New York.

It should be a fun and exciting school year (my last school year in fact) and I'm looking forward to it. As always, happy writing!

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