Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Edit 8: Extra Words and Filtering

Continuing on our trail of the easier line edits, let’s dive into the ‘extra words and filtering’ once over.

Do you ever word things using a few too many words? Maybe you burden your sentences with too many descriptors or modifiers? Both of these things can mess with clarity in your writing. There is something to be said for brevity. But I always struggle with it because I love over complicating things. It’s just how my mind works when I write my first drafts. So going through my sentences with a finger on the delete key is essential.

Cutting filtering ties into this. I did a big post on filtering here, but to sum up, it involves using ‘filters’ like ‘I saw, I heard, I think’ to connect the reader to the main character. But these words really create distance and bog down your sentences.

Over all, this is a simple edit, though it takes a careful eye to catch many of these errors. But if brevity is the soul of wit, it’s also the driving force behind a well-crafted manuscript.

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